Lactation Services

At Fairfax Pediatric Associates, we believe it is important to encourage and support breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding provides babies with the utmost protection and health, and we know your success is directly associated with the amount of support you receive.

Lactation Appointments

Our Lactation Specialists are also certified nurse practitioners. They are available for private appointments to discuss any issues or problems you may encounter during this special time with your new baby. Our services are currently available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m and are available to breastfed babies of any age. Our Lactation Consultants are equipped to assist with latching issues, low milk supply, engorgement, pumping techniques, jaundice, and weight checks. In hopes of getting moms off to great start, we schedule many newborn appointments with a nurse practitioner specializing in lactation services. This full hour appointment allows mom time to do a full feed in the office in addition to pre and post weights to determine how much baby is drinking. Also, our Lactation specialists will review proper latching and positions, frequency and duration of feeds, engorgement management and review of waking techniques to ensure baby is having a productive feeding session. All initial lactation appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes and follow up appointments, depending on the need, are 30 minutes. An added benefit is that all visits will be filed with your child’s insurance company for reimbursement and our busy new moms avoid all the lengthy hold times or tedious paperwork that sometimes accompany insurance filing.


For your convenience, we have a variety of breastfeeding-related items available for purchase in both our Greenbriar and Centreville location. This includes items such as lanolin, breast milk storage bags, hydrogel pads, nursing pads, and nipple shields. Shop after your appointment or drop by to pick up items you are in need of.


The following websites can be used as excellent resources for your breastfeeding questions: